St. Thomas More

17 04 2015

WhenSt.Thomas.More I heard that Justice Scalia was going to visit Mountain Home, Arkansas, where I live and speak at the Arkansas State University, five miles from our house, I felt led of the Lord to carve St. Thomas More and offer it to the Justice as a gift, as I knew something of his devotion to the life of the Catholic English saint.  On the 16h of April, Mary and I learned that the Justice and his wife were excited about the carving and would accept the gift, in a private photo-op reception after the public speaking engagement at the University.  We met with the Justice briefly, he read the caption on the back “the king’s good servant, but God’s first.”  and stated that he would put the carving in his Chamber at the Supreme Court.  Quite an honor from such an amazing Justice.  The Lord have mercy on him as he faces some very tough Court cases ahead.  We will all need the prayers of the Saints in the days ahead.