Mother Gavrilia

18 04 2015

Mothegavriliar Gavrilia was a Greek Orthodox podiatrist, physical therapist, who at age 56 was called to leave all and with no money to go to India, where she took care of sick folks in Ashrams.  She became a patroness to me in 2006 when I also left podiatry at age 56 and went into another world to serve the Lord.




2 responses

17 05 2015
Fr. Timothy Cremeens

What a soul-stirring icon. May The Lord continue to bless your hands. Would it be possible for me to purchase your St. Symeon the New Theologian carving?

17 05 2015

Fr. Timothy,
Thanks for the comment. I have done two St. Symeon’s. One was sold to a Catholic man who has a ministry to Catholic Families, named Steve Wood- he did seminary at Gordon Conwell and is of the class of evangelicals with Scott Hahn who went Catholic. He came over to Atlanta to pick it up and visited St. Mary of Egypt Great Vespers with Fr. Peter, and was very stirred by the Service. The other one is here in my house; it is older from 2006. I could sell it to you or do another one…..

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