I Carve Deep Relief Wood Panels

4 09 2009

Welcome to my Blog.  I carve deep relief wood panels, usually made of Basswood, primarily of traditional Orthodox icons

.  The desire to carve icons came to me in 2002, two years after I became an Orthodox Christian. I hadSt. Michael Archistrategos, Virgin Vladimirskaya, The Three Hebrew Children in the Furnace with the Fourth never done wood carving, but had a persistent impression that I was supposed to carve icons.  I had no impression or desire to draw or paint icons- only to carve them.

I began modestly, and had early success, and my work become more complex and I grew in skill. I had no training but what I read on the internet, and the impressions that came to me. 

I enjoy carving icons, and inspiration must come to me for me to be able to carve.  The idea of a carving will settle on my heart and I will know that it is an icon that I am to carve. 

Icons are said to be windows into heaven.  I have had people say that they experience power coming through my carvings, and that there is something to them more than the art.  If that is so it is because the Inspiration comes from heaven and so imbues the works with Energy that draws our hearts beyond this world into the world of the Uncreated and the Invisible and the Eternal. 

I believe that this is what all men are groping foward to when they do art though they do not know it.  Men want direct experience of Reality and of the Eternal.  True icons are windows into heaven and are the fulfillment of the purpose of art.  (I recommend the book Iconostasis by St. Pavel Florensky,  as an introduction to the aesthetic and spiritual  theory operative in icons; also The Aesthetic Face of Being by Victor Bychkov.

Many have told me that I ought to carve as a livelihood.   The Blog is an attempt to be obedient to that vocation.




One response

19 09 2009

Thanks for the comment you left on my blog.

I quite enjoyed Christ the Eternal Tao. How accurate it is in representing Taoism, I can’t really say, as I’m quite unstudied on that topic. However, taken simply as a book on Orthodox Christianity, it is excellent I think.


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